Forsbach Wood 2

Forsbach Wood 2, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Belongs to the Forsbach images posted some time ago.
I've been playing around with the b&w conversion/toning Photoshop technique found at www.ephotozine.com/techniques/viewtechnique.cfm?recid=364
Due to the toning, this image isn't completely gray, though ... ;-)


La Laguna Contrasts

La Laguna Contrasts, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Contrasts between old and new, decaying and polished buildings in La Laguna, Tenerife.

La Laguna Facade

La Laguna Facade, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Facade of a house in La Laguna, Tenerife. Alas, I don't remember exactly what building and where it was ... ;-)



Strata, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Strata of vulcano ash at Mirador La Tarta, Tenerife.


B&W Workshop

Shameless plug maybe, but after being there today, I can wholeheartily recommend Rolf Walther's Workshop Perfekte Schwarzweiss-Fotografie mit Digitalkameras. If you're living in Germany or nearby, check it out.
And yes, we did - or rather Rolf did ;-) - a much better B&W rendering of Crocodile Eyes.

Crcodile Eyes

Crcodile Eyes, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Crocodile, Loro Parque zoo, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


The Zebra in the Zoo

The Zebra in the Zoo, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Zebra, Zoo Cologne, Germany

Hair Care

Hair Care, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Baboons, Zoo Cologne, Germany

Elephant Skin

Elephant Skin, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Elephant house, Zoo Cologne, Germany
Start of three square formatted images, somehow this was just the right aspect ratio for the crop ...