Window to the West 1

Window to the West 1, originally uploaded by n0ll.

View down from the stair case overlooking the place before the two towers and the main entrance. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


Window to the East

Window to the East, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Below the platform a steel scaffold with the last part of the stairs allows better views of the large windows and the surrounding cityscape. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


Inside the South Tower 2

Inside the South Tower 2, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Again on the inner part of the platform, looking up in the south tower. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


The Tourist Cage 2

The Tourist Cage 2, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Inside the tourist cage, every direction blocked by grating and wire netting. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


Cityscape Cologne - Chorweiler Encircled

Encircled Block, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Saturday midday expedition to Chorweiler, the infamous suburb of Cologne, with the members of the VHS workshop group.
More images in the Stadtbild Köln Photoblog.


Cityscape Cologne - Under the Railway

Under the Railway 2, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Sunday morning Tour de Graffiti of Cologne, covering the "Schälsick" with images from Holweide, Buchheim, Buchforst, Deutz.
Part of the "Stadtbild Köln" project by the VHS workshop group, see also the new Stadtbild Köln Photoblog.


The Tourist Cage 1

The Tourist Cage 1, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Preventing tourists from throwing themselves and their gear overboard also seem to be somewhat important here. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


Access to Heaven Denied

Access to Heaven Denied, originally uploaded by n0ll.

"Besteigen der Leiter verboten!"
Seems like preventing anyone from getting closer to heaven is of utmost importance here. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


Cage and Scaffold

Cage and Scaffold, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Somehow, the bars and wire netting of the platform complement the lattice structure of the scaffolding on the north tower very well. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


Inside the South Tower 1

Inside the South Tower 1, originally uploaded by n0ll.

After climbing the the stairs, finally on the inner part of the platform. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.


Elephant Hall

Elephant Hall, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Inauguration fair for the new elephant park back in 2004, this image of the elephant house seen from the enclosure concludes the set of BW images from the Cologne zoo.