Cityscape Cologne - Crucifix Shadow

Crucifix Shadow, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Tour of some of the Romanic churches of Cologne as part of the Stadtbild Köln project.
Detail of the crucifix in St. Georg Church, Cologne, Germany.


City Scape Cologne - Roman Tower

Roman Tower with Snow in the Air, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Another expedition with the workshop group and a guide, capturing some images of the Roman past of Cologne as part of the Stadtbild Köln project.


Graffiti Demonstration

Graffiti Demonstration, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Just came - again - across this image of the first part of the Stadtbild Köln.


Cityscape Cologne - Below Central Station

Below Central Station, originally uploaded by n0ll.

More of the Sunday morning tour of Cologne tracking the construction works for the new north-south subway.
Part of the Stadtbild Köln project.


Cityscape Cologne - Hohenzollern Bridge Detail

Hohenzollern Bridge Detail 1, originally uploaded by n0ll.

Second part of the Cologne Bridges expedition on a different day with much better light, this time featuring the South Bridge and Severin Bridge.
Part of the Stadtbild Köln project.



Belfry, originally uploaded by n0ll.

The stair well leading up the south tower also gives access to the belfry.
Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.
This is the last one of the Cologne Cathedral series from 2005.


Cityscape Cologne - Below the Mülheim Bridge

Below the Bridge 3, originally uploaded by n0ll.

A river to cross, the Rhine separates the inner city of Cologne from the Schäl Sick, the right side of the Rhine. In total, eight bridges cross the Rhine, two of them, the Zoo Bridge (Deutz) and the Mülheim Bridge (Mülheim) are portrayed in these photographs.
New photographs as part of the Stadtbild Köln Workshop.


Window to the West 2

Window to the West 2, originally uploaded by n0ll.

The somewhat inhomogeneous cityscape of Cologne. Almost the the complete inner city has been destroyed during WWII, so nowadays we have a hodgepodge of building from the time since then. Cathedral, Cologne, Germany.